Saint Joseph Catholic Community

Parish Religious Education Program (PREP)


Welcome to those of you who are new or returning to our parish community! To those of you who have been part of our family, we look forward to seeing you again this fall. If you are new to the area, perhaps you, too, will join us this fall.


It is our purpose to assist you as parents/guardians in the faith formation of your children. Families need support in connecting Christian values to decisions they make in their daily lives. The parish community can support these decisions just as families accept the challenge that the Gospel places before them in the modern world.


Enrolling your children in our catechetical ministry, P.R.E.P., is an indication of your strong commitment to your faith and your belief that religious education is important. Parents need help to keep their children connected to the beauty and fullness of life. The P.R.E.P. Ministry, with its many examples of teaching, caring and giving, reflects God’s creative goodness and love.


As we begin this next year, we are thankful for the catechists and assistants who have answered God’s call.  We are grateful for the generous spirit among so many of our parents and especially for the children and youth who make our ministry so rewarding.


The P.R.E.P. Staff participates in a sacred trust, which has been given to you by God. That trust means we work with you in providing your children with a religious education and faith formation for life.  It requires formation of the whole person – mind, body and soul.


Our parish community opens wide its arms in serving you and your families!  May God continue to bless you with every good and gracious gift!


Please check out our P.R.E.P. handbook, found in the document library:




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