Worship Commission
Director of Worship:
  Mr. Dallas Gambrell x1409
Saint Joseph Catholic Community


In the celebration of the Mass the faithful form a holy people, a people of God's own possession and a royal Priesthood, so that they may give thanks to God and offer the unblemished sacrificial Victim not only by means of the hands of the Priest, but also together with him and so that they may learn to offer their very selves.

They should, moreover, take care to show this by their deep religious sense and their charity toward brothers and sisters who participate with them in the same celebration.

They are consequently to avoid any appearance of singularity or division, keeping in mind that they have only one Father in heaven and that hence are all brothers or sisters one to the other.  Moreover, they are to form one body, whether in hearing the Word of God, or in taking part in the prayers and in the singing, or above all by the common offering of the Sacrifice and by participating together at the Lord's table.

This unity is beautifully apparent from the gestures and bodily postures observed together by the faithful.  The faithful, moreover, should not refuse to serve the People of God in gladness whenever they are asked to perform some particular service or function in the celebration.

                                                                                (General Instruction of the Roman Missal, para. 95-97)